The Baham museum
Permanent exhibition
Country and history
Secret societies and religion
Costumes and textile art
Musical instruments
Receptacles and other containers
Kings and dignitaries
The artists
The figures of justice
Maternity, fertility and war
Itineraries of the collective memory

Baham: arts, memory and power

The collection here includes major objects from the cultural and artistic heritage of the kingdom of Baham. The works are simultaneously cultural and historical evidence, the last messages of men of the past and of today, fixing the collective and genealogical memory of the group, but also memories of the past which are destined to adapt to the present and to prepare the future.

The permanent exhibition entitled «Baham: arts, memory and power» is organised in ten themes:

country and history
secret societies and religion
costumes et textile art
musical instruments
receptacles and other containers
kings and dignitaries
the artists
the figures of justice
maternity, fertility and war

Museum of Baham , interior

Museum of Baham , interior
Museum of Baham , interior
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