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Receptacles and other containers

The treasures of the kind and notables of Baham include a wide variety of pans, vases, sups, pots, bowls, jugs, pitchers, bags, pipes and other containers (made from clay, wood and other materials) with different purposes (ritual material, ceremonial objects, cooking utensils etc.). This proliferation of containers visibly includes ordinary and mediocre objects alongside productions of great quality. If some specimens were made locally, others were imported from the kingdoms in the region, as part of the multiple exchanges that took place.  

Queen mothers mwemfeu during a ceremony

The receptacles belonging to the king and notables which are used to store, hold or prepare products for worship, prestige or take part in important ceremonies have often been modelled, sculpted, painted or decorated with great care. The most characteristic productions are basketwork, wooden receptacles, clay receptacles and above all calabashes.


Decorated calabash

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